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Fluid Air

23rd Mar 2015 | by: k1admin

Filter Specialists Inc. located in Michigan City, Indiana is one of the 23 finalist for the 1996-2011 Automotive News PACE Awards. Award winners will be announced Monday, March 8th at the Detroit Opera House. These awards are given to innovative automotive suppliers and FSI is being selected for their Magnet Aids Paint Prep for FERRX 5000 in the Category of Manufacturing Process and Capital Equipment.


Car bodies must be cleaned before they are painted. But baths of phosphate cleaning solution can pick up tiny metal bits called “weld balls” from one car and leave them on the next one in line. The weld balls cause paint defects and costly re-coating repairs. Filter Specialists has developed a spiral magnetic separator that yanks the weld balls from the cleaning solution, holding them until an automatic purging cycle removes them from the equipment safely. Paint shop staff don’t need to monitor the equipment constantly, and better filtration leads to fewer paint repairs



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