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Fluid Air

23rd Mar 2015 | by: k1admin

The Carlisle Fluid Technologies CleanAir™ product offers three types of filtering units designed to ensure contaminant-free material application. These offerings are especially useful in today’s finishing industry, where high solids and waterbornes are extremely sensitive to contaminants. “Paint flaws, trace amounts of oil, dirt or water in the air line can be cause for rework, wasting time and money. The DeVilbiss CleanAir™ filtering equipment will help avoid costly pinholes, blushing, fisheyes or dulling.”

The CleanAir™ product line features three types of filtering units:

Centrifugal Filter-Regulator Units. Filtering out water and oil aerosols and dirt particles up to 5 microns, the centrifugal units supply cleaner, drier air to each spray gun in a system, and are ideal for most spray applications, air tools and equipment. An automatic drain removes water droplets collected in the bowl.

Coalescer Filter-Regulator Units. Coalescer filter-regulators remove water, dirt and oil from the system down to .01 micron, making them ideal for most spray applications, especially where oil aerosols may be a problem

Three-Stage Desiccant Units. The ultimate in clean dry air, the three-stage unit offers particulate removal to 5 microns, .01 micron, and water vapor filtering to a dew point of -40 F. This unit is designed for low to medium production

DeVilbiss also offers a companion accessory, the Whirlwind™ In-Line Filter. This filter attaches to the base of the spray gun or air tool to remove any remaining water, oil, dirt and rust from the air line. This high-flow, solvent-resistant air filter has a very low pressure drop and a floating filter that automatically adjusts for changing air conditions.

Finding innovative solutions to spray finishing problems has been the philosophy of DeVilbiss for over 100 years. For further information about the CleanAir™ Air Control Equipment or other DeVilbiss spray finishing products, please call Customer Service at 1.800.365.7565 .



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