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Fluid Air

23rd Mar 2015 | by: k1admin

“Bringing powder coating in-house leads to a top quality finish and quick turnaround” stated Odis Meredith, Jr., president of PK Design.  Meredith turned to Fluid-Air Products for education on the entire powder coating process, starting with pretreatment step.  Meredith said “I had worked with Fluid-Air before and they had always been good to me.  I knew they could help us out with liquid, so I called them up to see if they could help us out with powder.”  Fluid-Air was happy to  help with powder and quickly made the trip to Poseyville, Indiana to figure out what equipment would best fulfill the company’s needs.

PK Design knew the best finish started with the best surface preparation so installing their own pretreatment process was an important first step.  Joe Miller, business manager with Fluid-Air Products gathered a team of professionals proficient in the powder process, brought Meredith to the Fluid-Air laboratory to test the GEMA OptiStar manual gun control unit and found it to be the right gun, giving them the quality coating they needed as well as the control they wanted.



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