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“Gema Application Success Stories”

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“Product: ProMix PD2K”

“Innovations in Plural Component Proportioning Reduces Waste for CG Power Systems”
Blake Erickson, Product Marketing Manager Graco Inc.
The Company
As technology continues to advance, Plural Component equipment is becoming a valuable way that factories can save money by conserving resources. Because plural component proportioners mix materials directly prior to application and require very little solvent, they significantly reduce build up of wasted materials. This means that expensive materials and solvents can be used for their intended purpose rather than incinerated. Another big advantage of Plural Components is the easy clean up, which simply includes flushing out the system and shutting it down. In response to these positive offerings, finishing companies have become increasingly aware of plural component proportioners and are looking for the optimal system to fit their needs.
The Challenge
CG Power Systems, a worldwide supplier of high quality industrial and consumer products, was in the market to upgrade their older, traditional Graco ProMix system. With the 2K, CG Power Systems was experiencing high levels of waste. Mike Wunderle, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator for CG Power Systems, reported, “We would generate and pay for the incineration of between four and five 55 gallon drums each month.” This large amount of waste was not only costing a considerable amount of money, but it was also pushing the company’s Small Quantity Generator Status into jeopardy. CG Power Systems was hoping to solve these problems by replacing the 2K with a more advanced system that would hopefully provide savings on waste, decrease VOC’s, and decrease flush times.
The Solution
CG Power Systems worked closely with Fluid Air Products in St. Louis, Missouri to come up with the best solution. They decided to replace the old ProMix 2K with the new ProMix PD2K Proportioning System, which allowed them to reduce solvent and material waste by about 80%. The ProMix PD2K is designed to reduce waste by moving the mixing point closer to the gun. This design feature ensures that the material is mixed precisely before it is sprayed. For companies like CG Power Systems, this means lower disposal costs of VOC’s and less wasted paint. This is especially true when working with multiple color changes per day and short pot life materials. Another feature of the ProMix PD2K are the dosing pumps, which will stall under pressure and use 100% positive displacement technology to ensure accurate mix ratios and consistent performance.
The Results
The first aspect that CG Powers Systems noticed about the new PD2K was the quick flush times, which the painters enjoyed. As time went on, Wunderle kept detailed records of paint usage and noted that “the new controller and its activity download make reporting much simpler, significantly reducing my time spent interpreting the output and creating required reports.” Results indicated that since installing the PD2K in June 2015, CG Powers decreased their waste from four to five 55 gallon drums per month to only one 55 gallon drum every five weeks, which is over 80% less waste. Wunderle is pleased with these improvements and expects further waste reduction as the painters continue to master the system and its benefits. In addition, the company’s Small Quantity Generator Status has made a dramatic turnaround. Wunderle says, “We have reduced our paint and solvent use to a point where I am able to apply for conditionally exempt status for Hazardous Waste Reporting.” The other benefits noticed by CG Power Systems are that the PD2K is easy to learn, the color changer and cleanout process is simpler and quicker, and that Graco’s product training is supportive and reliable. Overall, the ProMix
PD2K allowed CG Power Systems to operate smoothly and effectively while generating less waste and saving money. Click here to download a PDF of the story.

“Less Powder Usage/Fewer Rejects with the Optiflex.”

“We have fewer recoats and use less powder with the OptiFlex. We are thrilled with our new gun!”
Darren Smith, Raymon-Donco
The Company
Family-owned business, Raymon-Donco, was founded in 1979 by Larry Raymon. Operating out a 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Albion, Iowa, Raymon-Donco is a leading manufacturer of high quality air diffusers for the HVAC industry. Experiencing downtime due to rejects and high powder usage with their previous manual powder gun, Raymon-Donco realized a need for newer technology that would reduce their operational costs. After investigating powder coating equipment supplies, they purchased an Optiflex Box Unit from their local GEMA distributor, American Industrial Corporation. “We liked the OptiFlex for its lightweight gun, minimal number of spare parts required and ease of maintenance,” stated Joe Hermann, Director of Engineering.
The Results
Along with an OptiFlex Box Unit, Raymon-Donco also purchased a 24mm flat spray nozzle, for use in hard to coat areas, an a 500ml application cup, which attaches to the bottom of the gun, for small production runs. With their new First Pass Power™ OptiSelect™ gun, Raymon-Donco is experiencing tremendous benefits. They are now using 60% less powder, going from a usage of 500 lbs every 7 ays to 500 lbs every 18 days. “The finish quality was better the first time we used the OptiFlex than with our previous equipment,” remarked Joe Hermann. Raymon-Donco has also recognized a 50% reduction in rejects, leading to less downtime, less recoats, and shorter turn-around times for their customers. “Switching to the OptiFlex was a no-brainer-we noticed the payback on the first day,” stated Joe Hermann, “We estimate our payback on this equiment at only 3 months in scrap savings alone!” Raymon-Donco is committed to manufacturing high quality products, and believes that settling for “good enough” is not what they or their customers are looking for. That is why choosing the GEMA OptiFlex was the right choice to assist Raymon-Donco in producing the highest quality air diffusers available!

“Our new OptiFlex unit makes fast work of recoats.”

“In almost 10 years of business we’ve never had a reason to consider anything but GEMA equipment.”
Gary Farber, Indy Powder Coating
The Company
After reading an article about powder coating in an automotive magazine, Gary Farber become fascinated about the process and wanted to know more. After a few years of research, Gary bought some used GEMA PG-1 guns, an oven and a booth and Indy Powder Coating was born in 1996. Over the years that followed Indy Powder Coating evolved into one of Indianapolis’ premier custom coating facilities. “We keep over 400 colors in our inventory and our color palette is pretty much only limited by our customers’ imaginations,” stated Gary. “The motor sports industry go us started, but now we coat everything from automotive parts, motorcycle frames, shelving and patio furniture to just about anything a customer walks in with. “When GEMA’s Easy System manual powder coating series was introduced in 2000, Gary upgraded his older guns to this new technology. He was very satisfied with the performance of his EasySystem unit and was ready to buy another one; however when he heard GEMA was introducing a new model, he was curious to try out the lastest technology.
The Results
Once they tried the new OptiFlex™ Box Unit, there was no turning back. They were impressed with the lightweight (less than 19 ounces) and ergonomically balanced FirstPass Powder Gun™, the OptiSelect™, but what really attracted them was the OptiStar™ Advanced Control Unit, OptiStar allows them to adjust voltage and store custom programs. Now Indy Powder Coating not only has the ease of 3 pre-programmed setting for flat parts, complicated parts and recoat parts, but they also have the ability to create and store 20 of their own custom recipes. Indy Powder Coating is one of the first companies in the U.S. to use the OptiFlex unit, and they are delighted with the results. “This unit has been working out great for us,” Gary said. “The ability to precisely adjust the voltage has been doing two-coat applications a breeze and our reject rate on these types of projects has really gone down since we bought the OptiFlex.”

“I upgraded with GEMA because they have the best performing guns!”

“GEMA provides excellent service, but the performance of the equipment is what really stands out – I simply love the Gema guns!”
George Howe, Sternberg Lighting
The Company
Sternberg Lighting has been creating lighting fixtures and ornamental poles since 1923. Today, their product has expanded to include custom projects and site amenities, such as clocks, street signs, mail boxes, benches and trash receptacles.
The Challenge
Previously a liquid operation, Sternberg made the transition to powder in 1996-1996-2011, As a custom shop, they will apply any color the customer wants. Making quick color change an important consideration. More importantly, the reliability and application efficiency of the powder guns were a primary concern.
The Solution
Finishing Department Supervisor, George Howe, has worked with numerous application equipment vendors over his careers and concluded that GEMA would make the best fit for Sternberg. “Some of the other equipment gusy make a pretty good booth,” George admitted, “but GEMA definitely makes the best guns! Sternberg installed a Diamond™ 10,000 CFM powder booth with automatic gun triggering. The booth was fitted with OptiGun™automatic powder guns, OptiTronic™ control units, and OptiFlow™ high-performance powder pumps. EasySystem™ touch-up units were attached to the booth to accommodate areas where manual work is required.
The Savings
“The system has been awesome!” George remarked. “Our pump inserts last so long that our spare parts expense has been drastically reduced. Filters seem to last forever because the overspray is virtually nothing.” Rejects are almost non-existent at Sternberg, and are never due to the powder application. According to George, “These guns are so incredibly efficient, we get over 70% transfer efficiency and save a ton of money on powder.”