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“We were very impressed with the innovation, engineering and customization our suppliers brought to this project. “They worked together very effectively to bring our new equipment online, on budget and ahead of schedule.”
Tom Ziegler, Gateway Extrusions
“Carl is THE MAN!!!! Great pricing. Excellent turn-around time. Superior service. Hands down, the ONLY place I deal with for Graco, ARO, or any other parts I need. Fluid-Air has got it going on!”
“I am happy to report to you the new Graco paint system you installed is working beyond all expectations! We have reduced our paint and solvent use from a point where our Small Quantity Generator Status was in jeopardy to a point I am able to apply for conditionally exempt status for Hazardous Waste Reporting.

We have always kept detailed records of our paint use, and the new controller and its activity download make the required calculations and reporting much simpler; significantly reducing my time spent interpreting the output and creating the required reports.
I am able to document the reduction in waste in these general terms:
We historically would generate and pay for incineration of between four and five 55 gallon drums each month. Since installing the Graco ProMix PD2K system in June 2015, we now generate an average of one 55 gallon drum every 5 weeks. As we continue to learn the system and its benefits, we expect to further reduce our waste generation that will qualify us for the Conditionally Exempt reporting status.
Painters learned the system quickly and found the color changes and cleanout process simpler, and quicker.
Every aspect and benefit you presented has proven out. Thanks for recommending the PD2K, the professional installation and the positive support and results.”

Mike - CG Power Systems, USA Inc.
“Tim and Tom just completed the scheduled HVAC filter changes at the plant.
These two guys are very conscientious and knowledgeable people. They do a thorough job for us. A job we know is done right. When their work was completed, we revised the U.S. Paint filter log (attached). I also included above  a HVAC layout of the facility.

Now would be a good time to reiterate the obvious: We do business with Fluid Air three reasons. First,  your filters are high quality. Secondly, you may not be the cheapest vendor for that level of quality – but you are always competitive. Lastly, and most importantly, up and down the line you give us great service. Tom and Tim are perfect examples. Connie jump started our new HVAC filter changing program -which is working well,  When the going got tough with the new spray booth installation, you guys didn’t run for cover, And, of course, Mike is always here helping us solve paint filtering problems in the plant. This service Mike provides is the most important to us – and is obviously why you got a shot at the paint and HVAC filter business and the spray booth business in the first place.”

“We have been doing business with Fluid-Air Products since the early 1990’s. They have provided very timely deliveries on all of their products. If something is not in their warehouse they go the extra step to place “critical delivery schedule” status on the item if required.  Their can do, whatever it takes, attitude is in the basic roots of the way they do business.”

Fluid-Air Products provides custom-designed, turnkey equipment packages, to meet needs that are not main stream. This flexibility allows them to capture business that standard “parts suppliers” can not.

Another plus for Fluid-Air Products is their technical expertise. Even if you are not buying anything from them at the moment, you can call them and ask for assistance from anyone on their staff. This builds long term business relationships.

They are a pleasure to do business with.

Recently, our company required a finishing facility to meet product requirements
Our problem was that we constructed our new facility in China and really did not have enough contacts within Mainland China, to facilitate the design, engineering
and commissioning of the new finishing facility. It became evident that we would need to solicit the services of a US company to assist us with these concerns.
Siegel-Robert Automotive has a long list of finishing integrators, however, after lengthy discussions; Fluid-Air in St. Louis was chosen to integrate our finishing facility. Fluid-Air performed well, considering that it was their first venture in
China and the expectations required of them to perform, were considerable.
I will use Fluid-Air for future projects and would recommend them to any company requiring finishing integration.

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I appreciate the effort that your employees put forth.  Jim, Chris, and Ken did an excellent job and if it wasn’t for them, I might not be running still.  As you know, I was not pleased with the preparation that the Carlisle Fluid Technologies employee brought and his knowledge of what we were doing was lacking.  If it were not for the Fluid-Air team, we would not have been successful with this project.

Again, thank you and please acknowledge your employees for their hard work
and effort.

Thanks for your great service you’ve given us on our new powder coat system.  It’s working nicely.
Mark Doyle, Doyle Manufacturing