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Fluid Air

7th Jan 2016 | by: Terri Diliberto

It used to be said that when you turn 50, you were “over the hill”…anyone who has already gone “over the hill” can understand the value of that feeling of fulfillment for one’s accomplishments. Since 1966 when Fluid-Air Products started as a very small two-person business selling spray guns, pumps and related equipment, and, as infants do with the passage of time, we’ve grown up.

During these 50 years, we’ve seen many changes in our industry. Environmental, ergonomical concerns and regulatory requirements have resulted in a greatly reduced usage of various components, solvents and chemicals, for example.

As these changes were taking place, finishing and fluid handling equipment was also changing. Newer and better designs were being developed with the tools needed to operate more effectively and efficiently with greater safety for workers and the environment.

Fluid-Air Products takes pride in its role in bringing many of these advances to the marketplace (air spray, airless, HVLP, electrostatics, automation, robotics, plural components, powder coating and filtration equipment.)

So, today, we’re 50, but we are not “over the hill.” We are still young in spirit, in energy, and in ideas and solutions, if not in age. We look back at the past 50 years not just as a period of growth, but as a learning curve during which time we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in meeting the needs and solving problems along with our strategic manufacturing partners and the products that are the benchmark of the industry.

Today, we are looking ahead to our next 50 years with the expectation that we will continue to be that technical resource contributing to the growth of our customers, suppliers and employees in our industry. Toward that end, we regularly hold ‘rap’ sessions where we remember and review the past, analyze the present and prepare for the future. We are understandably proud of our 50 years of service working for our customers to help strengthen their businesses and our industry…that’s our pledge. Thank you.



Vincent Pfeil
Founder and Chairman

David Pfeil
President and CEO