Pro Xp Auto AA.

Pro Xp Auto AA Electrostatic Spray Guns  Automatic Electrostatic Air-Assisted Spray Guns

Electrostatic air-assisted guns for high pressure spraying designed to improve transfer efficiency and deliver a high quality finish

Featured Manufacturer’s

Ransburg, Graco

Featured Products

• Electrostatic Bells and Discs
• Electrostatic Manual and Automatic Spray Equipment
• Versatile product line gives you more models to choose from and greater spraying flexibility with air spray, air assist and waterborne guns
• Manifold style fits almost any systems requirement – back manifold is ideal for stationary and reciprocator systems and bottom manifold is ideal for robot mounting
• 85 kV power supply and internal power so there’s no electrical cord to worry about damaging or replacing
• Higher transfer efficiency equals less waste, saving you money on material
• Made in the USA
• Durable components reduce cost of ownership, supported by a three year warranty


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